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We are Sarah and Jana, and we warmly welcome you to Fount Estremiero, our family holiday home.

As children, we spent every vacation period here, immersing ourselves in the wonders of nature. We built camps in the enchanting woods, constructed treehouses that reached for the sky, and crafted bows and arrows from the twigs we found in the forest. The thrill of searching for mushrooms and chestnuts added a sense of adventure, while the hot summer months were filled with countless hours of joyous play in the refreshing pool.

Now, as parents ourselves, we continue to treasure our time spent here. However, we also have a deep desire to share this remarkable place with others. By welcoming guests, we hope to pass on the same cherished experiences and create lasting memories, while also showcasing the beautiful work our parents and family put into reconstructing the house.


Reconstructions over the past 20 years


The house was originally built in 1873. Over the past 20 years our family has reconstructed the house entirely. We started with the outdoor area, building a terrace around the pool, building walls with local stones, used the water from the local spring to fill the newly built ponds,...

Afterwards we started reconstructions inside the house, preserving the authenticity of the house and its materials. The house consists mainly of wood and thick natural stone walls. Coziness is a key word at Fount Estremiero, ensuring that the domain is also during winter a very pleasant destination.

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